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Allee and Etienne have been friends since they first came to the Moxous school of Magics, but when they unwittingly release a terrible, ancient power their bond will be tested in the journey towards fixing their mistakes.


Delyth was raised to faithfully serve the Goddess Enyo at the temple where she was abandoned as a babe, so when the great sword, Calamity, is thrust into her keeping, she faces the task of protecting the Goddess’s Vassal with equanimity. Only, no amount of training could have prepared Delyth for the strain on her loyalties caused by the beautiful Vassal herself; under enough pressure, even the beliefs of a lifetime will bend.


Love, friendship, and betrayal will all blossom on the dark path to Thlonandras, in this first book of The Call of Calamity Series.

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“And she found within herself a stone that could not be moved—roots like mountains in her core.”

"You have my heart…

Even when Enyo is using it."

The distance between Delyth and Alphonse is widening, and even the warrior's indomitable spirit is beginning to fail. But with the help of Etienne and a hidden journal, nothing will stop Delyth from freeing her lover and destroying Enyo.

Etienne has lost his grasp of magic and must forge new strength to face the troubles ahead. The road is rife with danger, but the rewards are great: a chance to save Alphonse and find new friends along the way.

Bound by promises they may not be able to keep, Etienne and Delyth are forced to reassess their plans when a new foe comes to light. Which is more important: saving the life of the one you love or saving the world?

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The Last Contender
Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 11.16.56 AM.png

The first book in the Song of the Lost series, Contender is a Queer Epic Fantasy, following the stories of five characters.

What would you pay for freedom?


Your body?


Wynn is a carpenter in a small town in Northern Rhosan, but after he is torn from his family by ruthless Victors, he'll have to learn to survive beneath their rule. When he is forced to hunt with the silent, stoic Dyfan, the two men forge a bond that might be enough to shelter them from a life of violence and cruelty.


Your people?


Basia and Danae are the children of nobles in the elegant, educated Phecean Confederacy. When Basia starts to discover just how horrifying the lives of slaves in her country are, she’s faced with a terrible choice: does she step up to reshape her home at the risk of losing her closest friend, or does she keep quiet and let nothing change? Dealing with the difficulties of her budding gender identity would be hard enough without the lives of millions on her shoulders.


Your mind?


Deep in the Tundra’s frozen heart, the daughter of a medicine woman learns to make poison. The dreams it gives her are full of blood, war, and terrible purpose, but when Iniabi’s village is raided by foreign soldiers, it’s all she can do to stay alive. Iniabi will have to use all the Tundra has taught her as destiny pulls her across the continent, but when it comes to the fate of her people, it’s not enough just to survive.

Release Date: November 30th 2022

Shepherd of Souls

The dead are stirring in Ingola. 


It's been fifteen years since he helped save his best friend from an ancient Goddess, and High Sorcerer Etienne wants nothing to do with the Gods—old or new—any longer. But when the lost spirit of a young noblewoman needs his help, Etienne finds himself pulled back into a world of dark magic, pirates, and Old Gods.


Ryou is loyal to his Queen, the ruler of pirates and thieves, but when he is sent to assist Etienne with unraveling the mysteries of missing ships and walking dead, he finds his loyalties tested. Is the sly mage just a distraction or something more?


It is up to the mage, the spirit, and the pirate to thwart the evil tainting the land of Ingola in this high-stakes adventure, complete with mystery, action, and LGBTQIA+ romance.

Release Date: June 30th 2021

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Death Seeker
Death Seeker-11.jpg

Torn apart by Ryou's betrayal, Etienne and Zuri must find a way to circumvent the Pirate Queen's plans and regain their freedom. But when the devious Queen Kyomi demands that Etienne serve her, he has no choice but to assist in retrieving the magical objects she's obsessed with, even if Ryou is his captor and guard. Magic shrouded in mystery and a broken heart consume Etienne.


Darkness and twisted thoughts are Zuri's constant companions. She doesn't know why she cannot stop thinking of the terrible things that happened to her, but the struggle to simply be herself is as great as any battle. While Etienne saves her body, Zuri realizes she needs to find a way to save her heart herself, or else keeping her body alive is pointless. A journey of healing and growth is needed, but taking the first step is often the hardest part.


Loyalty is the only thing Ryou has left, but he cannot decide who he should be loyal to. His Queen, the fierce and powerful Kyomi, who pulled him from a Port Carcarac alley and set him to sail, the powerful mage who promises a cure for Ryou, or to himself.


Join Etienne, Zuri, and Ryou on the final leg of their journey as the fate of Illygad hangs in the balance once more.

Released October 31st 2021

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