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The Last Contender

the Song of the Lost series
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I would definitely recommend this to a friend. This book was a must read for any LGBT+ fantasy lover. The characters are complex, root-able, and at times infuriating (in the best way). The book dives into themes of religion, sexuality, and inner strength. If you are looking for a tender story between two women, in a world that allows you to escape our own, this book contains an epic journey and one hell of a love story!


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About the Authors


An eager storyteller from a young age, Liv doesn’t actually remember beginning to write, just that she rarely went long without a book, pen, or fairytale to regale her younger siblings. This trait has never left her, even when she went to college for music and graduate school for flute performance. So much so that her graduate advisor named her the “Studio Storyteller” at the beginning of her first semester.

An explorer at heart, Liv loves discovering new worlds and the characters in them, like those found in The Call of Calamity series. It was this shared love of epic fiction that sparked her friendship with Sterling as well as their subsequent stories.

Liv is currently living in Central Texas with her cat, Toby, but will soon ship off on her next adventure. When she isn’t writing or making music, Liv enjoys kayaking, swimming, archery, and playing video games.


In school Sterling’s favorite part of the day was ‘story time’. She would climb up next to her reading teacher, Barbara, and ravenously follow the course of the story being told. She would go home every day with the allotted amount of library books and come back the next day with all of them read.

She wrote her first full book at eleven years old and still has the handwritten tale of Ewy and Isabelle in a binder on her bookshelf. It was forty pages long.

Sterling went to college, got a degree in English Lit. and promptly started working in the animal husbandry field. But writing never left her, and for years it was a happy hobby, a way to pass the time and let her creativity fly. She has always enjoyed sharing that creativity with others and when she and Liv became friends, making the world of Illygad and the Kingdoms of Rhosan and Ingola was only a natural extension of that creativity.

Sterling lives in Central Texas and when she isn’t busy creating intense, crazy, lovable, and disgusting characters she spends her time training her dogs, cooking bulk meals, or hiking with her husband.

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